In yesterday’s post I mentioned that hope should only come from the Lord. Hope should not come from a church body. However, encouragement and strength should come from a church body. Your church body should be one that can and will lift you up in times of need, times of change, times of new direction, times of sickness, prayer needs, etc… If you are on the search for a new church, please realize that you may not feel this immediately.

With us, we got encouragement from the preaching when we moved to our new church. Every sermon was for us right on time!! Other than that, we really didn’t know anybody there and all of our friends were at the previous church. We were unable to receive any one on one encouragement or sense of family from anyone at first. For us, that was perfect! We needed down time, healing time, and restoration time. However, if you don’t feel you need that, remember to be patient and also know that you will have to be the one to ask what’s available for you to be apart of. Your new church family won’t automatically know what your giftings are.

During this time of “searching” I encourage you to be dependent completely on the Lord. Stay prayed up and continue your personal worship time. When you stay close to Him, He’ll stay close to you. He will guide you where you need to be. He will tell you where you’re not supposed to be as well. Take this precious time to grow closer to God and seek only Him. Everything else will fall into place when you let Him orchestrate it all! Have a blessed Sunday!

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