If you are at a church currently that you find yourself constantly defending and explaining whats going on when the doors shut, chances are whatever is going on doesn’t line up with the Word.

If visitors don’t understand what’s going on, pastors don’t have scripture to back it up, and you can’t get anybody to come back after the first 2 or 3 visits… Something is wrong. A church like this will never grow over a certain number of people. Usually those who are very vulnerable find themselves drawn to entities like this one. They are hungry for God and don’t know the first thing about finding him. This kind of church offers and promises good things to happen if they attend their church.

Hope should only be in the Lord! Hope should not be in a church body. If you don’t know how to explain to other people why your church worships the way they do, you need to get in the Word. All your answers can be found there.

There definitely are several different ways to worship the Lord. But yours should not run people off. Maybe it’s not “for” everyone, but it shouldn’t be done in such a way that people think you all are crazy nut jobs.

Again, if you can’t get a visitor to come back, you may need to move on yourself. Though the kingdom of God is not about growing a church it is about growing the body of Christ as a whole. If people think you are crazy how can you effectively show them Christ?

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