Finding a church part 3: Intimidation

If you feel intimidated going around the leadership of  a church or especially the pastors, this is not the church for you.  Jesus was and still is very approachable.  You shouldn’t have to worry about what they think about you and they most certainly shouldn’t scare you.  If you are a little nervous because you hold them to high regards and are honored that they were able to make some time for you considering their very busy schedule that’s fine.  However, you feel fearful being around them, I would think that is a sign that you are in the wrong place.

If you are searching for a church I encourage you to go in with an open heart and mind.  If that fear thing comes all of you it might just be the Holy Spirit warning you that things aren’t right there or that that’s not the place you belong.  It’s important that you feel comfortable around the church staff because if you don’t it will be harder for you to receive what is being taught there.  Remember our Heavenly Father is the God of peace and love and you should feel that comforting restful peace wherever you are going to church and around the leadership at that church.

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