Yowsers! This is NOT good!

Looking for a church part 2…

If your pastors or leadership are always fighting over things and everybody thinks they have control leaving the church with no control at all… put your tennis shoes on and “run Forest run”!  (Thank you Forest Gump for that line!!)

Think about this: Where did Satan come from? (I really don’t like capatilizing his name – he doesn’t deserve it!)  He was the Angel in charge of music in Heaven. He was the head Angel.  He wanted complete control over Heaven but, God threw him down to the lowest parts of the Earth which would be called Hell. 

The whole reason Satan became Satan was because he was trying to use control and power that was not his to use.  If there is no respect amongst the leadership of a church for eachother nobody else will have respect for them either.  What’s done in the leadership of a church trickles down to the people.  Watch out for this kind of thing.  It can be extremely stressful on the body as a whole and on you as an individual.  Strife will tear down a church quickly!!  If you are one who likes to volunteer and head things up it can be particularly stressful when you are communicating with one pastor about your event and out of no where another pastor tells you they are the one in charge of the event.  This sort of thing causes nothing but chaos.

In these nuggets I want you to remember that there is no perfect church.  However, you have to decide what you are willing to deal with or give up.  You have to recognize the heart of the church.  Some times you may find a church is disorganized in some areas, but the preaching touches your heart every time.  Maybe the music isn’t as up beat as you like, but the children’s program is awesome!  My point is, that some things shouldn’t make or break your decision so please don’t begin to think that the right church for you doens’t exist!  It DOES!!!  The things I’m listing are serious issues that need to be taken into consideration.  Be encouraged and stay delighted in the Lord today!

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