To My Kids On Mother’s Day

I don’t know about you ladies out there but I subconsciously… No!… I consciously believe that Mother’s Day should be perfect!

No.1: I should wake up to a complete surprise no matter how big or small.

No. 2: My children should be on their best behavior all day long.

No. 3: Everyone should be happy and tell me how wonderful I am all day.

Reality No. 1: Normally I have found, figured out, or been told what my “surprise” is. This year, I was really surprised with a new bike! I’ve been asking for one for about 10 months and thought it was never going to happen! This made me a happy lady!!! šŸ™‚

Reality No. 2: Our beautiful children wined, fussed, and fought most of the day.

Reality No. 3: At one point our 7 year old son said he “hated” Mother’s Day.
Please don’t hold this against him. Since he turned 7 he “hates” everything and gets bored extremely easily! It’s a faze we are muddeling through šŸ˜‰

What I did about this behavior:
The Scene: riding our bikes down a bike trail this afternoon… I told our precious son that if he “hated” Mother’s Day, he had no mother and I was to be called Mrs. Rachel from that point forward! After this he fell off his bike twice and both times I told him that I would not love ON him like normal because he hated Mother’s Day and that’s what a mother would do… “get up and suck it up” (the falls were simply for dramatic effect… He was not hurt one i-oda) Lastly, we promised him earlier in our little trip that he would be able to go down the mini bike trail with all the bike ramps on our way out… This was removed from the itinerary because of all the fits he threw while riding down the family safe trail! After all this he seriously started crying and was very apologetic for his behavior! He “hated” calling me Mrs. Rachel! šŸ˜‰

My Conclusion to the Day: Today I was the ultimate mother!! I taught my son that celebrating Mother’s Day is awesome and it’s way better than not having a mommy to celebrate! In that, I taught him to be thankful for his family. I also taught my precious baby to be respectful to his parents and other adults and I did all this while getting a good work out! (just call me “Mrs. Rachel the multitasking mommy)

Today while hugging and sniffing Mr. 7 year old stinker pot, I realized I have FINALLY figured out the BEST combination of scents regarding clothes detergent and softeners! This is something I have worked diligently on year after year and load upon load for ?? years!!… See picture below!

Most importantly, I realized that today was all about my job as a mommy! It was a GREAT day! I was with my wonderful hubby and screaming kids and I wouldn’t change a thing. After all, if it weren’t for my kids being my kids I wouldn’t be a Mother at all! So, cheers to them!!!

Happy Mother’s Day!!


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