Tip #8

Realize that one day the kids will be gone and whatever’s left needs to be strong, fun, and better than ever!

One big part of this is trying to stay healthy! I really don’t want to spend my retirement years on 50 medications way over weight unable to walk and grouchy all the time. The Bible says live life to the fullest! When the kids move out… We have RV/ plane ride plans!

Of course life happens and I am not condemning anybody with ailments at all! My poor sweet mom in law can’t stub her toe without breaking it… So, she’ll just have to ride along in the RV cause nothing’s slowing us down! LOL

All jokes aside, I joined a gym this year and have literally been working my bum off and eating a lot of lettuce! I want to be healthy and live a long life for my kids and look hot for my hubby! I also want to be strong and healthy enough to enjoy life and not get winded just walking up a couple of steps!

Today, I encourage you to do what you can to take care of yourself and to rekindle that flaming fire in your marriage. Maybe you can surprise your spouse with a new hair do… Make sure the surprise is a good one! LOL! Then sit down with your spouse and make some really cool goals for yourselves! If you really can’t go far because of Dr. appointments or family issues or job issues, make small but good plans! Drive to the beach for the evening and walk along holding hands or go out to your favorite restaurant for a nice dinner alone. It never too late to talk about your future together and its never too late to act on it!! Enjoy each other!!

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