Tip #6

Be thankful! Hubby’s biggest complaint with me… That I can think of 😉 was that I wasn’t thankful for things he did around the house and helping with the kids. I used to think… “thank you???!!!!” But, then God did something in my heart. It all goes back to the “work on yourself and allow God to do His work in your spouse” thing.

I realized that most men really don’t help around the house or with the children! Some wonderful wives and mothers are left to work, come home and cook, bathe the kids, put them to bed and fix their shackled mates plate and rub his stank feet 😉

I truly am a very blessed woman!!! We both work, we share the family business, we share the kids, we share household duties, and we truly are a team!

I also noticed that when I started becoming genuinely more thankful for how wonderful my hubby is… He starting being more thankful towards me and for me as well!

Tonight I challenge you first to forgive me for posting so late 😉 Then, and most importantly, I challenge you to be thankful for your spouse! Begin to show gratitude and be patient while you wait to see what happens. You will be amazed at the gratitude that will be returned to you!!

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