Tip #5

Aim to please! If I am more concerned about making him happy, I’ll be less concerned about being unhappy. This has really helped me when he puts the dishes in the wrong cabinet after living in this house for 5 years!! šŸ™‚ LOL!!

If I can keep my mind concentrated on doing things that make him happy and meeting his needs, I won’t give a second thought to the dishes that are in the wrong spot… I will quietly move them where they need to be and While I’m doing this I might just grab one of those dishes and fill it up with dirt cake because I know he loves it!

This would be going above and beyond the call of duty all for the sake of love! if both of us do this, we would be way more than content in our relationship.

I believe a lot of couples have lost sight of the meaning of marriage. If you are thinking about the other person and trying to meet their needs, you will be shown more gratitude and the same will be done to you. Ultimately, you remain faithful and thankful!

Today I encourage you to put away selfishness. Think about your spouse’s feelings, their needs, their expectations, and aim to please. Get together and vow to do this for each other. Pray together and aim to make your marriage pleasing to the Lord! Lastly, remember… If you show love… You get love šŸ˜‰

2 thoughts on “Tip #5

  1. I believe this…I remember a few years ago when I was working 6 days a week….I would come home and not want to take on any “projects”…My husband really wanted me to clean out my closet, and I finally agreed to do that one night after work…I was surprised at the amount of things that I was able to donate…God gave me the strength to do that, and I thought that I would go the extra mile and clean out my dresser drawers as well!! To my surprise I find some money that I didn’t even realize I had…it must fallen behind whatever.., and I knew God was affirming the fact that I was trying to please my husband. I ended up buying him a new gas grill with the found money…one he still uses….”Love never fails”.. is the Truth….


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