Tip #4

COMMUNICATE!!!!!! My hubby never has to wander what I’m feeling! If you don’t talk about your issue how can anybody figure out what’s wrong with you? How can they fix the problem or try to change?

I have never understood people who don’t like to talk about a problem! Air it out! Talk about it. If you care enough about the other person and the situation you are in you’ll do everything in your power to fix it!

Every now and then, I believe it’s perfectly fine to walk away for a few minutes until you can calm down, collect your thoughts, realize why you are so angry, and get in a “place” where you are ready to discuss things.

When you come back to each other, stay on subject. Don’t bring up things that happened five years ago or things that you know will make the other person angry. Talk about the issue at hand, compromise to come to a solution and listen to each other! Hear each other and know how the other person feels. Respect their feelings and do your best not to stir up mess from the past.

Communication is all about love, respect, and the desire to keep things in check and keep your relationship strong. Remember, you are in a covenant relationship with your mate. You have a vow to keep things pure and holy before the Lord. When you have great communication and care about the other persons needs you close the door to any desire for impure thoughts and actions to enter in!

Today I encourage you to not be fearful of the outcome of your feelings. Refer back to the Love chapter in 1 Corinthians. Open up to your spouse in a way you never have before and watch your relationship reach new heights!

One thought on “Tip #4

  1. my problem is i worry. i worry by constantly telling my story of taking care of my brother some will think, give it a rest, move on, get over it. i am such an emotional person for life. i hate suffering, i hate watching my brother suffer, but feel like i have no one to talk to about it, so i keep it bottled inside, and then get to the place i want to explode, so i tell you all about it


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