Tip #3

Yesterday I posted that we should work on ourselves and allow God to work on our spouse. And I made the comment that “this works”… Well, it does!! However this does not give us a “pray to get my way” card!

In working on ourselves, we have to actually give God permission to do His work in us! This means that sometimes… Just sometimes 😉 we are going to be the ones whose hearts are changed! Sometimes it’s going to be me who is corrected by the Holy Spirit and who is being moved to apologize and make things right or compromise in certain situations.

Praying and allowing God to move on the heart of my spouse should only be done if you have heard from the Holy Spirit on a particular situation or you are so completely passionate about something and have peace about the decision you’ve made believing that it is the true and right will of God!

For instance, God spoke to me about homeschooling when My hubby was against it. I couldn’t go against my husband because He is the head of our house hold… And guess what? God already knows this because He designed it this way 🙂 so… I said “God, if I have heard from you and you want this to happen, you need to be the one to talk to My hubby”. One week later hubby came to me and said “I think we’re supposed to home school!”.

On the other hand, when we were struggling at our former church God spoke to Hubby first. We had questioned some decisions that had been made for 5 or 6 years before we left. The last year we were there was not good at all and we were constantly praying For God to release us. I never felt the release until my hubby said “we’re done there”. Instantly, I felt a weight lift from me. I was more emotionally vested and it was harder for me to accept the answer, not to mention, hubby is the head of our household in every way. These are the reasons I believe God spoke to him first. But again, when He did, it was instant for me as well!

Today I encourage you to allow your husband to hear from God… Not to hear you moan, groan, and complain and fight. If you are the husband… Step up the prayer time! Seek the face of God. Hold your position as head of your household with conviction, love, kindness, gentleness, strength, and wisdom! The man is the head of the household, but He is also in partnership with His wife and most importantly should be in partnership with the Holy Spirit! Have a blessed Sunday!

4 thoughts on “Tip #3

  1. Great post and well written. I love the examples. A wise woman once put it this way…”You can’t be the Holy Spirit in your husband’s life.”


    1. so true we get helpmate twisted with Holy Spirit no different then in the garden and look at how close their relationship was with the Father ,where does this leave us at this time Linda


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