Tip #2

You can’t change your spouse! The best advice I ever got from one of my former pastors, is something God spoke to her about her marriage. She relayed the info to me and it goes something like this:

“You can’t change your spouse, you can only change yourself! Pray for God to change your spouse’s heart”

That about sums it up for today! I don’t think there’s much else to say other than… This works!!!

I work on myself! I work on keeping my mouth shut and showing love with a good attitude and I pray for my hubby.

This worked when God spoke to me about homeschooling, it worked when I needed my garage cleaned out, etc… 😉

I encourage you today to work on yourself and allow God to work on your spouse! 🙂 have a blessed weekend!

2 thoughts on “Tip #2

  1. i agree, i feel so sorry for those engaged who comment that they will change this or that about their partner. don’t they realize that while they are dating, only the best is seen? after marriage all relax


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