Marriage Team

Last night I had a brief conversation with our married couple friends from Nashville. I love talking to them btw… Makes me feel all warm inside 🙂 it makes me feel like we aren’t actually 2 whole states away! Thank God for the invention of the telephone.

Anyway, I called falling into the arms of a big fat prank the wife was playing on me and about 20 other people! Then I ended up talking to the husband and telling him how great my hubby has been to me lately! He asked me what I thought the difference was other than me griping at him to get the honey do list done.

Let me first say that my hubby and I have had a great marriage! We have both been faithful to each other and God without question! We’ve had our fights too. We’ve also NOT done things around the house specifically to make the other person mad 😉 Ive always said we fight passionately, but we also love passionately! Meaning we may have been known to slam a door hard enough the frame pops off (LOL) but we’ve also been known to hold hands and snuggle on the beach after dark on the 4th of July and watch the fireworks from both ends of the beach!

The difference now I believe is that we have “grown up”! We now, can look past the frustration and “tone” and hear what the other is saying. We aren’t afraid to apologize when we’re wrong. We realize that our vows were and are a promise to each other… Not only will we be faithful to one another, but we will lend compassion in sickness. We will have fun in health. We will admit when we are wrong

I believe we have come to the point in our marriage and our lives that we realize we are a team! We have to lean on each other and together lean on God for things we’re going through, everyday life decisions, good times, bad times, and sad times!

Today I want to encourage you to move past anything that is holding you back from realizing you and your spouse are a team. Nobody should pit against the other. If you’re having a hard time walking in forgiveness, ask God to remove that unforgiveness from your heart. Pray for your spouse everyday that God will give him/ her wisdom, favor, and honor in all they do.


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