There are some people in life who you just never expect will die. I know that sounds silly, but it’s true. Some people you don’t ever think about them dying because they’re like a fixture. You may not see them often, but they are always there when you need them kind of like an outside faucet fixture. Then there are those who you depend on and some times take advantage of and just figure they’ll always be there for you to be able to do that. There are those whom you spend a lot of time with who you love dearly and can’t imagine living one day without. Unfortunately for us death is an inevitable part of life. Like what goes up must come down.

My “diaper buddy’s” mom past away last week. I just found out from one of my sisters-in-law a few days ago. She also grew up with my friend. My friend and I were born less than 3 months apart and grew up riding bikes from one house to the other. We went to a private kindergarten together and moved to public school at the same time. We were the last in our county to be granted special privileges to enter public school at our age because of when our birthdays fell. We went through high school and grew apart but roomed together in college for a while! Our favorite game growing up was Mario Bros. on the Nintendo and we were notorious for destroying each others rooms and leaving the owner of the room to clean up the entire mess. We played in a kiddie pool until we couldn’t fit into one anymore and that’s where I wrote my first song! One day after we had already eaten lunch, my friend’s very thin linky body had a distended tummy that wouldn’t stop growling. I made up a song that said “my best friend is an Ethiopian, Ethiopian, Ethiopian! My best friend is an Ethiopian… I don’t remember the rest, but I remember the tune). I know! It’s horrible. But we were kids!
The other game we loved to play was husband and wife and she ALWAYS made me be the husband! I hated that! LOL. BUT, I loved her and still do! We were best friends, our sisters were best friends and our moms were very close too.

Her mom is in every one of those memories! So is her dad! And her sister is in a few too. Her mom loved ice cream drumsticks and shopped at a Casual Corner in the nearest mall. She was always thin just like my friend. She loved all of us girls like we were an appendage of her heart. Being a mom myself now, I have come to realize how important we all were to her and what a huge part we all played in her life even if we were someone else’s children. We grew up with hers and for the brief day and nights we stayed at her house she had authority over us and the responsibility of making sure we got back home safely! She is one that I just never thought about not being here anymore. It’s a good thing we have Heaven!! DB, will be close to our hearts forever!

4 thoughts on “Forever?

  1. It is very hard Tony. as long as we are full of God and accept Jesus as our savior, we have wonderful things to look farward too. It’s still hard loosing someone you love b/c you’ll miss them, but we have the hope and truth of Heaven!!


  2. this is the way i thought about my parents. thoughts of death didn’t reach my brain, never touched my lips, now they are gone, and i miss them both dearly


  3. It has bee almost 4 years since my mother died. Several months ago, I had a dream and in this dream, I was at my boyhood home standing by my mother’s china closet. My mother came up to me in this dream and said to me that because we were Christians, we would see each other again. I haven’t had any dreams of her since that time but I believe that a comfort sent to me from God letting me know that my mom is in good hands as will I be when my time comes


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