I wrote the other day about forgiveness and how we boxed up all the bad debt tickets and put them away… out of sight, out of mind.  We forgave those debts and we forgave those who caused the debt.  Well, the blessings have started rolling in.  I can’t say I didn’t expect blessings simply because I know how my God works… but I can say that I honestly forgot about that expectation if that makes sense.  It’s just not something I had in the forefront of my mind.  Neither my husband nor myself asked God for anything.  We pray blessings over our business and ask for His favor and that His hand be upon it, but we don’t ask for a million dollars.  We don’t ask for someone to magically appear and fill our potholes.

Yesterday… one of our customers showed up… and filled our potholes!  From the front of the store all the way around to the back, our parking lot has been in desperate need of attention.  With no money in the budget for that, the potholes kept getting bigger!  We never mentioned this problem to anyone, we never asked for anything and this very gracious man just showed up with his crew and a big truck and dumped the stuff and smoothed it over in all these areas!  He said it was extra material, somebody had already paid for it!  This isn’t something that happens everyday and this man probably wouldn’t think he did anything amazing, but he fell into the will of God and blessed us!

After that I told the kiddos we would run up to the nearest “city” and get a little fish for our fish bowl in the office because, though they drove me NUTS all the day long, they were so, so, so, so good being cooped up in the office for 10 hours!  We did home school, they painted pictures, watched movies, jumped on their bean bag chair/bed, took a nap, and ate!  So, we got in the car so amazed at God for sending someone to fill our potholes and drove to the town.  I have really put an end to eating out to save money, but last night I figured I would treat them to Chick Fil A.  We got there and unbeknownst to me, it was kids night.  We were too late for the activity, but our youngest got free food!  Another blessing.  A savings of 4 bucks!

Potholes filled and 4 extra bucks all in one day!  Plus when we bought the fish, rocks, and little tiny fake bonsai tree to go in the bowl, the little tiny fake bonsai tree rang up a little cheaper than the sticker promoted.

It was one of my Sisters-in-law who brought to my attention that the blessings are starting to roll in because of all the debt we forgave.  I give God all the glory no matter why, and I receive what she said!  Our God is a faithful God.  Sometimes He gives us little signs just to let us know He loves us and He’s got everything under control.  Sometimes these things are to remind us just how faithful He is and how much He loves us and cares… even for our potholes, chicken nuggets, and tiny fake bonsai trees!

3 thoughts on “Blessed

  1. : ) I love this! It’s amazing how our God works – He always takes care of us! Just yesterday I was praying about our finances and how we were going to make it through the month….today my dad calls…he just bought a pizza shop and wants me to work in the kitchen. Early in the morning, so I can bring the kids and still make some extra money! God is sooooo good!


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