Out of the Wilderness

This past weekend I had the honor of singing with the worship team at our “new” church for the first time. It was exciting and FUN!!! I forgot how fun it is to usher in the presence of God. I didn’t enjoy singing in the last ministry I was apart of the whole last year we were there! That to me was a huge sign that it was time to move on… the well had run dry there. Worshipping God is in my blood! It runs through my veins! So, for it to make me miserable for a year where we were at said a lot! Let me scratch that… for that time of worship to not be able to overcome what all was making me miserable there… said a lot!

After making our shift to our current church, I really felt that I needed stay uncommitted per say. I needed a sabatical, if you will! You can’t pour out of you what you’re not full of!!!! Let me say that again! You can not pour out of you what you are not full of!!! I needed REST! I had an exhausting departure from the former ministry and I had poured out everything! My emotions were drained, my mind was confused not understanding the course others had chosen, and I was just completely wiped out from being the “yes” girl for so long trying to please everyone else. I needed time to heal from everything that happened and time to hear from God to find myself in HIM! (I lost who I was along the way and became someone who did everything to please and try so hard to get the approval of some people who are suffering from a critical spirit. It was a loosing battle!)

I’ve heard it said that you if you take “a break” from ministry, you need a heart check! You can’t possbily take a break from what God has called you to do. Again, my God has reveled himself to me. God rested on the 7th day! Resting is part of our right as Christians! Our Father did it and it’s quite ok for us to do it too. In fact, “Keep the Sabbath” is one of our 10 commandments!

Someone said the other day, well, actually at band practice the other night that being in the wilderness is perceived as a bad thing, but actually Jesus went to the wilderness to hear from God. David had to be in the wilderness for 7 years to hear from God and get set free! John’s ministry was mostly in the wilderness. Wilderness means baren land. It is in no way saying that you are barren, but the place you are in is void of destractions, a place where you have no other choice but to hear the voice of God. So, I proudly say that I have been in “the wilderness” resting and I have heard Him and I am now filled up again!

I’m not sure how often I will sing with the worship team. I can tell you that I will continue to focus on songwriting and will love any opportunity I have to sing as I am able to. I stand by my convictions to keep God first, family second, and ministry third. I believe that as Christians our work is never done and we should be a light everywhere we go. I also believe that everyone’s ministry is constantly witnessing to people the love of Jesus both through words and actions. I don’t believe you have to hold a position in a church… the same position forever and ever in the same church forever and ever unless God has spoken directly to you to do so.

If you are in the wilderness right now, take this time to have no destraction, no opinions from others who have their own agenda… Just hear from God! Get filled up!

9 thoughts on “Out of the Wilderness

  1. This can be the blessing of the wilderness, is when you realize you need to be the one who will take that faith step and He is holding your hand,the hunger never left you when you obeyed His command.We haven’t left our “family” to serve another land,right here we expanded His boundries,with His word at hand.We might do things a little differently than what was offen seen,we might have nightly worship,a touch of prayer ,a covered head,a family alter not around the tv or sacred family traditions.WE have been called EX- everything a “judas” to the church,only to remind those who love what the world has won’t be found at the feet of our saviour.So as you begin this journey and many more chapters to come ,remember those who have paved a way that will make this your new song. blessings a follower Linda


  2. I am struggling in this area right now. My family and I found a new church three years ago and I feel dried up…like I’m in the valley of dry bones, but it’s mine that are dry. In my former church, I did many activities but there is nothing for me here so I also feel useless. I am seeking God for guidance but not sure what to do! I LOVE singing in the praise team, but alas, there is no praise team here. Thank you for the hope you give in this little nugget. 🙂


    1. I am really sorry to hear this! I am going to be blogging about “how to find a church” and also signs of a good one either later this week or next week. Please try to read them. I will pray God reveals the answer you need!


  3. Burn out is real in many ministries and should be avoided if at all possible, but when it happens you have to take time off to recooperate – to become who you are in Christ again. Jesus did say, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” But we forget the next part,”Take my yoke upon you AND LEARN FROM ME, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”
    It becomes a minstry to yourself to LEARN from Him while you have HIS yoke upon you. Burnout comes when we bear other yokes that are not from Him and when we do not stop to learn from Him.
    Father, help her to know YOUR yoke and only YOURS. Help her to take this time to learn from You. May all the voices and concerns that are not from You grow silent, but at the same time may Your voice grow louder and stronger. She wants to do your will. Help her as she walks in the wilderness to see the mountains you have waiting and then show her the path to take to climb them in your time…in Your way…Amen


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