I have to tell you… Today it’s hard to write anything! I can’t stop thinking about the troubles and strength of a fellow blogger. She started blogging the same time I did and she found “wise little nuggets” about two weeks ago. I went to see what her blog is all about and I have to say, I can’t stop thinking about this woman and her brother who I really don’t even know!

I am asking you to pray for Terry and Al today! Al suffers from Parkinson’s, dementia, mental illness, and heart problems! Terry, his sister has completely devoted her life to caring for him.

To join in a community of prayer and support for two people we don’t even know… IS being the Church! So, let’s have church on WordPress today! Please go to her blog and leave an encouraging word and take a few minutes out of your wonderful weekend to add her to your prayer time! She needs strength, wisdom, endurance, patience, love, hope, encouragement, and friends.

Click here to go to Terry’s Blog

5 thoughts on “Burdened

  1. i have a large lump in my throat and tears are flooding my eyes as i read your post. god bless you my friend. i so believe in the power of numbers in prayers…………thank you from the bottom of my heart


  2. Thank you for both comments. Terry also needs peace! She has mentioned being fearful several times and I left that off the list up above. Thank you so much for reading this post today! This truly is what the church should be about!! #praying for Terry and Al


  3. You are right about being the church. It doesn’t matte if one is not in “my church.” We, as a whole, are the church! Thank you for bringing Terry’s needs to the attention of fellow believers.


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