My thoughts my actions

Ok… Confession time! Now you get a human look into my sinful brain!

A few weeks ago our son had a karate belt test. These tests last about 4 hours and occur every six weeks. Well, this particular time, Clay and I found a spot to plant ourselves with our three year old daughter, right next to a woman with a nine year old son who was throwing himself on the floor and carrying on.

Don’t “unfollow” me… I’m human!!

My first thought was “if that were my kid, I would not put up with that behavior for one second… Especially at his age!”

My next thought was “my daughter is three and she’s not acting that way!”

My third thought was “gosh, I wish I could stay as calm as that woman, she’s not even gritting her teeth or giving him the eye”.

My fourth thought was “omgosh! What if he has a disability or something! I am a horrible person!!”

All of these struggles were going through my mind while holding Our little girl, staying composed, and sitting in the only seat we brought with us while Clay was outside finishing his snack. When he came back, that dear sweet woman offered her extra seat to my husband and let him sit there the whole time! Yes! For four hours I had to think about my fleshly thoughts and the fact that perhaps the child was possibly mentally disabled to some degree and my husband was sitting in his family’s extra seat!

I don’t know if that mom was a Christian or not but what I do know is that I wasn’t being one at that time on that day at that karate belt test! I don’t know if her son had a disability or not, but what I do know is that he could have and I was very quick to judge a very sweet woman for the way her child acted!

I know for a fact that Jesus would not have done that! In some instances, he may have cast a demon out or healed the child depending on the circumstance, but in any case He would have loved! He DOES love!

I want to encourage us all to be slower to judge a situation! Pray about your thoughts before they turn to actions! Give grace! Give mercy! Remember, you never know a person’s life story just as they don’t know yours! Treat others as you would have them treat you!

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