Straight Up!

One of my favorite scriptures is Psalm 84:11!
For the Lord God is a sun and shield;
The Lord bestows favor and honor;
No good thing does He withhold
From those whose walk is blameless.

I Love it!!… Love it… Love it!!!

I am not perfect by any means, but I try my hardest to be obedient to the voice of God and without sounding hoity toity, I believe this scripture is for me! I believe this not because I deserve it, not because my behavior is awesome all the time, but because I try and God knows my heart! He knows me inside and out and obviously this scripture is for somebody, so why not me?! I receive it!

I want to encourage you today to do the following;

1. Live a blameless life! Love as Jesus does and don’t be a hypocrite! Be honest in all you do!

2. Allow God to be your sun, to shine on you like a spot light, allow him to be your shield and protect you from every snare and from your enemies!

3. Accept His favor and be humble enough to be able to accept His honor giving it all right back to Him!

4. Accept His good things, His awesome blessings because He doesn’t want to hold anything back from you!

He is a good and faithful God. He is the only true God! After all the human race has done to break His heart, and continues to do on a daily basis, He still loves us this much! Take it, live with it, and say “thank you”!!!

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