False Reality

Every morning I wake up after going to the gym the night before, I feel so thin and toned up… I don’t like to go look in the mirror, I’ll hold off on that. I will however, walk around the house like I’m in a parade or going for the Miss America title. This is one example of false reality!

I know people who act this way after they preach, sing in church, pray for somebody, or “council” someone. Again, false reality.

Most would say we all put our pants on one leg at a time, but I like to say, your poo poo stinks just like mine. I say this because it’s the grossest thing we do with our bodies on a daily basis and no one is exempt from it! Nice.. Right?!?!?! I also say that because sometimes… No!… All the time, a puffed up attitude stinks just like poo poo! So that answer is actually 2 fold.

God made us all in His image… All of us! We are all capable of growing strong in Him, reading the Word for ourselves, hearing the voice of God for ourselves, and having the ability to recognize the conviction of the Holy Spirit for ourselves. We also all have the ability to be blessed if you can be humble enough to receive those blessings from the Father!

Your position in a ministry, your fancy car, nor your checking account can or ever will define your stature in the kingdom of God and certainly not with me. I tend to have very little respect for people who are puffed up… You know, the people with rose smelling poo poo.

Today I say, keep it real! You can not be effective in ministry if you constantly need an assistant and an escort during services to make sure people don’t speak to you or to get you this and get you that. You won’t be effective in being a light to those “beneath you” if you can’t admit you’re wrong about things and apologize every now and then. You have to give in a way that is healthy and receivable, not rigid and cold. But, if you fit into that category at all, you won’t like this post and it’s not going to be what changes you… Your only hope is Jesus! Thank God for that!

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