An Exhausting Day!

Yesterday… (insert Beatles song)… Just kidding!! Insert ACDC “highway to hell”. Ok, that was a little dramatic…
Just a little. But seriously, my day was exhausting!!!! My youngest wined ALL the day long, my oldest every now and then. We were in the “city” closest to us running errands for our business and by “we” I mean me and the kids. Hubby was off doing side work.

On top of the wining, traffic both on the roads and in the parking lots was so unbelievably rude! Then, I got a 5 shelf… Shelf thingy that stuck outside my trunk and as soon as I started the car the clouds started crying! I had to pull into a gas station under the awning and move car seats around so I could pull part of the back seat down to get the whole 5 shelf… Shelf thingy into the car safely. I then went home and accidently fell asleep which meant no healthy dinner for the family because there was no time to cook. And so continues my day…

Order pizza, pick up pizza (no delivery in our town) get back home both kids in tow and what do I find when I open the boxes?? On my pepperoni with extra cheese ( because they never cover the pizza with cheese all the way) I find places STILL with no cheese! Breadsticks… Nothing on them! Absolutely nothing on them! It’s a hunk of carbs in a box with a little un flavored, almost bitter sauce… The gross sauce is normal here.

SO… (Sigh), after returning the unflavored breadsticks and getting new ones that were under cooked… I curled up with my babies and let them stay up late to watch a new movie we picked up at one of the busy exhausting stores we went to. Our son was able to see daddy and love on him before drifting off to sleep.

I… Was able to thank God for my many blessings! We are all healthy! I saved the 5 shelf… Shelf thingy from ruin. We all got home safely through the cloud tears that turned to wailing. My office will finally begin to get organized. Our home is filled with love and lots of snuggles. I got to end my exhausting day with a long hot bath in my jacuzzi bath tub. Lastly… We get to wake up this morning, refreshed and renewed and spend time worshipping our Father God. Then it’s family time at a baseball game… All 4 of us! God is good and faithful all the time!

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