Skinny Up!

Summer time is fast approaching! The first thing on my mind right now, as far as Summer is concerned is looking half way descent in a bathing suit. This is the time of year most people start hitting the gym, eating rabbit food, and crying when they are stuck in a dressing room with horrible lighting, surrounded by screaming babies and people on cell phones, frustrated mainly but not only, because the bathing suit of choice is NOT a good fit!

We do the same thing as Christians when getting ready for a visit from the Holy Spirit, Easter, Christmas, or the return of Christ. We repent before walking into church, we put off life changes until we think Christ might appear in the big blue sky as if we will ever know when that will be before it actually happens.

I have come to the conclusion that it’s way better to “always be ready” just as the Lord spoke to me several years ago concerning ministry. I have decided to apply this to life in general! If you are always ready for the Summer, you could and just might wear a bikini down a ski slope in the dead of Winter just because you can 😉 (yes, this is a fantasy of mine). Lol.

In the same token, if you are living a life that is up right, you can be ready to receive all God has for you any time of the day… You can also give His love, grace, and mercy at the first opportunity!

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