Plow You Down!

If you’re playing a video game with me, or we’re racing, or playing a board game… Watch out, because I will kick your butt! I’ll try anyway! LOL BUT, in real life I’m not that way at all! My personality is one that would rather keep peace and keep my dignity! You want that… Fine, have it, enjoy it, God will bless me with something better 🙂

If there is one thing that irks me it is a Christian who acts like the devil and tries to plow someone over just to get what they want when they want it! I believe in hard work and determination, I do not engage in a cut throat I’m always right and I will always win attitude! I won’t tolerate it directed at me either!


To those who are like that I say…
1. that is not the way Jesus is at all!
2. chill out!
3. get over yourself!
4. you look ridiculous acting that way!
5. Stop! 🙂

Seriously! God is a God of peace and love (no this isn’t a song from the 60’s baby) He wants us to persevere and treat others as we would want to be treated. Remember my post titled “Love”… Go read it if you haven’t! It’s an outline of the Love chapter in 1 Corinthians. Love is patient, kind, does not boast, etc…

Today I encourage you to think of something you can let go of and let your co worker have, or a sibling, a child, or a friend! Give it up because you know they want it too and you really can live without it. It could be a family secret, a piece of jewelry, a piece of property, an old photo, a recipe, or even a position or job at work. Whatever it is, God will bless you for your sacrifice! You can’t take it with you and there’s no reason to keep it if it will or has ruined a relationship that is important to you! Give it away with no strings attached!


3 thoughts on “Plow You Down!

  1. This is good and right to the point. Love it. But if you want any of my jewelry, you have to put your name on it. I plan to keep it til I pass on. lol


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