Actively Waiting

Get busy!!! I realized that if I’m sitting on my rear end at home doing nothing about my gift, nothing will happen with my gift! I’ve always been told to wait on the Lord and there are many scriptures that say this. However, there are also many scriptures that tell us laziness gets us nothing!! I am always waiting on the Lord which means to be patient with his timing. But, I am actively waiting meaning I am going forward in the steps I know I need to take as a human and waiting on the Lord to open the doors that need to be opened. I am also constantly praying seeking His wisdom while going forward trying to make sure i don’t walk through any wrong doors!

If I want to be a doctor I can’t possibly think I can sit at home and “wait” for God to send a famous surgeon to my house, put a scalpel in my hand and say “come follow me”! It just doesn’t make since and it will never happen!

I’ve had some opposition over the years to say the least. But, as hard as it is to let go of all the negativity or discouragement from people I love, I’ve had to! If you have a gift or calling that obviously God has placed inside you, it’s your responsibility to do with it what He expects you to do. And now that you know this truth, all those things/ people who have held you back only become excuses for not moving forward!


One of the negativities spoken to me, for example was from someone who I thought was in support of my songwriting. This person loved to hear and play my music, but when it came to me branching out of that small arena I sang in I was called selfish and told i would certainly not be supported by them in my endeavors! Mind you, I wasn’t asking for money, just support! A “family” that would cheer me on, be excited for me, show love, but, this person and several others completely opted out and guess what… It’s OK! My actually family, my husband, and all my other friends are totally excited… But, even if they weren’t, as long as I know I’m in God’s will, I know He’s excited and that is the most important thing to know!

The fact is that if you keep your gifts to yourself, only then are you being selfish! God never designed you to just use your giftings for yourself or for certain people within 4 walls… Not me anyway!

Today I am encouraging you to press forward no matter how unrealistic or how hard you think it will be to achieve the things God has placed in your heart! If he has called you, he will equip you! Remember, even if you never become famous or make millions of dollars off your talents, success is all in the process!! If you are stepping out and trying, forgetting about opinions, but taking good advice from professionals in your field you are already successful and on your way to fulfillment and honor from Christ!


2 thoughts on “Actively Waiting

  1. Oh how many times I wished I didn’t have to go to school for all of this! One of my favorite idea is that it’s much easier to steer a moving car than it is to start a parked one! I think if we get up and get moving, God will “direct our paths”. But I guess he can’t really direct us if we aren’t going anywhere. Well said!


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