Laugh & Cry

Laugh, cry, depressed, inspiring, memorial, touching, ashamed, excited… All emotions you can feel in a great song! They bring back memories and create new ones!

Now I know why I have the personality I have and I’ve gone through the things I’ve gone through in life!! I’m reading a book regarding songwriting right now and it describes the personality of a songwriter and the explanations of what we do when writing songs!… Venting, pouring out all your business, complaining, searching for approval, and other craziness. Ultimately, we are pretty emotional people with lots of “problems”. LOL. I have a total new found respect for all we’ve been through… And all my friends have been through, and restaurant napkins to write on, iPhones with the recording feature, street signs, and even criminals who all give me inspiration and outlets to help that inspiration become something that touches lives!

God knows what He’s doing, doesn’t He?! He knows who we are, what it takes to move us, what it takes to draw us in, what personality to give us to make us great at what we are called to do!

I no longer have to make excuses or apologize for crying too much! I can simply say, “I’m a songwriter… This is what I do”! I can embrace what I’m going through, embrace the emotions and continue to write songs… Hopefully really good ones! 🙂

What has God called you to do? A really great friend said the other night “whatever it is you get excited about and you can’t stop talking about is what you’re supposed to be and do in life”! My husband can totally notice when I
Have put in the time to write my songs! In fact, some times he’ll say “what is wrong with you?… Go work on your music!”. It makes me a happy person and he can see it all over me!

So, what makes you happy? What do you feel your calling is? What do you believe you can’t live without doing and if you do you will be causing God, yourself, and humanity a horrible disservice? What gets you so excited you can’t shut up about it? Don’t be afraid or ashamed to go after long lost dreams! You know what gets you excited so go do it! You’ll never know if you don’t try, and try, and try, and try, and try, and…. Get it? Don’t quit your day job, but don’t ever give up on your dreams either!

Take delight in the LORD,
and he will give you your heart’s desires.
(Psalm 37:4 “NLT” – New Living Translation)


2 thoughts on “Laugh & Cry

  1. Don’t know if you got my previous comment. Glad you have such a good following. Keep up the good work doing God’s work. Don’t let the naysayers stop you. You are reaching people and helping people that you don’t even realize. I am very proud of you.


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