Mother Fleshin’

My son just had another birthday! He turned 7 and I have to tell you that it’s been hard for me and my husband to accept! We are so very thankful that we have a healthy son who is growing strong physically, mentally, and spiritually. He is such a blessing to us! We realize that many parents don’t get to see their babies grow up! But, if I could just cradle him one more time in his little footie jammies, gently caress his face until he falls asleep and lay him in his crib just one more time I would be a happy camper!! A friend of mine blurted out yesterday “can you believe our boys are going to be in the double digits in just 3 years?! Honestly, I hadn’t thought about it like that and it devastated me! LOL!!! As a mother I want to put a brick on his head and just hold him forever in my arms!! At least I can hold on to him telling me he’s never leaving home and he’s moving his wife into our house when he gets married πŸ˜‰

I envision our flesh being like a mother… Which ironically makes since seeing as Eve was the 1st one to eat the apple (just thought of that)… Anyway, our flesh doesn’t want us to grow up spiritually! If our flesh could continue doing the silly things it likes to do forever, it would be so flippin happy!! If we could eat spiritual baby food our whole lives and spit up… Or throw up πŸ˜‰ after an all night binge of either alcohol or chocolate anything, we’d all be happy. But, we have to grow up eventually! It just has to happen!

With a child, if he or she never grows up, they’ll never experience each new wonderful step in life. Of course there is sadness along the way, but there are a lot of great things to enjoy too! If we don’t grow spiritually, we will never know our full potential in Christ. We will remain stagnant, we won’t gain rewards in Heaven, we won’t realize the power of the Holy Spirit, we won’t ever know the true heart of God. Of course we will hit storms along the way, but if we don’t grow through those as well, we will never be able to see the amazing grace of God!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been a “Christian” for 59 years, you’ve pastored for 15 years, your daddy was a baptist or whatever preacher, if you think you know all there is to know about God… Think again! He’s a complex guy! He was here before time began, he knows all about the human body and every mechanism in it… He knows everything about everything and created the universe in just 6 days!!! How wild and crazy is that?

We need to always think bigger and greater, mightier, and all powerful when it comes to God… Not ourselves… But, God! We must strive to spend quality time with him daily! Turn your i’s off (iPhone, iPad, mini Mac, etc…), turn on your worship music, get your Bible out, and encounter a touch from God today!

One thought on “Mother Fleshin’

  1. The footie PJ’s are wonderful. I remember being in a store and we found a rather large footie pj for boys. It fit our seven year old, but he looked really weird in it…not the cuddly 3 year old we remembered. So, we took it off him and put it back on the shelf. I guess Christians who do not grow look just as rediculous. Never thought of it that way. Thanks for making me think! OH – thanks also for the reblogging of my blog. Hope it helps someone.


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