He Broke It

This was too good not to share!! It was written by a fellow blogger… If you have time please read!!

a nut's notes

The story of the feeding of the five thousand holds bukoodles of truth.  (“Bukoodles” is Tennessean for a number you can’t name.) Some are very evident, others are subtle,  My fear as a Bible teacher is seeing too much from a passage and passing it on as truth.  If you teach others from the word, you don’t want to teach less than is there and you don’t want to teach more than is there.  What I am about to say holds true to the Bible as a whole in the idea that God uses broken things and sometimes He is the one that does the breaking.

In Luke 9 He held up the bread and “broke it.”  Then after the people were fed, they took up twelve baskets full of “broken pieces.”  I don’t know why, but the word “broken” jumped out at me.  Jesus took what was whole and “broke…

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