It really is possible!

I think choosing sides is a natural thing for humans to do… Emotions are completely normal to have… They are a God given additive to our mind, heart, and soul. The question is… How do you “channel” your emotions? No! I’m not into weird new age stuff and I’m not full of the devil using the word “Channel”. It’s a valid question! What are you going to do with these emotions?

You can choose to be angry and hold grudges, you can choose to be offended and walk in unforgiveness, you can choose pretty much whatever you want to I guess. But, will your choice hinder you or help you? Most importantly, will your choice please God or feed your flesh (that part of you that enjoys making jabs and getting back at people)?

I know it’s hard to choose to be forgiving and loving! In fact, some would say that it’s not a choice. I say it is! It’s not the easier choice, but it is a choice!

Matthew 6:14-15
If you forgive those who sin against you, your Heavenly Father will forgive you. But, if you refuse to forgive others, your Heavenly Father will not forgive you!

The entire religion of Christianity is based on, surrounded by, living and breathing on the fact that Jesus died on Calvary for our sins. That’s what it’s all about! He humbled himself and suffered for that which He never committed… Our sins!! He did it because He loves us. Love is the other part to this whole equation… A huge part. Unforgiveness is not love!

If we can’t muster up enough love to forgive another human being for making a mistake like we all have done before… Shame on us! Jesus died for everybody! The price has been paid for everybody! Each and every person on the Earth will be held accountable for what is in their own heart. Let’s make sure our hearts are pure!! Walk in forgiveness because you have been forgiven! A bonus reason to forgive: Unforgiveness will eat you alive! It will cause health problems, physical, mental, and emotional! It’s not worth it! It only hurts you!!

Again, I know it’s not easy… Jesus knows it’s not easy. But, if He can be brutally beaten and nailed on a tree with a crown made of thorns crushed into his head… The challenge of forgiveness doesn’t seem so bad.

Jesus + Love = Forgiveness

2 thoughts on “It really is possible!

  1. Thank you so much for posting. You speak so much truth…
    It is not easy,,, but it is possible. And letting negative feelings about people who have hurt us go only brings back healing for us.


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