Not Mary Poppins???

Some people think they have nothing to offer anybody else. They feel they aren’t an expert, so how could they possibly help. They may have been told they have nothing to offer… I was told I wasn’t ready to offer anything by man when I was 31, but ironically a woman spoke a word from God over me when I 15 years old and the Lord said “Always Be Ready”. So, guess what… We ALL have something to offer and there is no better time than the present! The return of Christ is not waiting on me! He’s got it marked on the calendar already and I have a lot of work to do for Him before then, whenever then is! In fact, I must live my life as if it were my last day everyday making sure I’m doing what He’s called me to do! I want to hear those wonderful words spoken to me by my king… “Well done good and faithful servant”.

It doesn’t take you having a degree in psychology or bible school or any other kind of school to share your testimony. You don’t even have to be practically perfect in every way! You’re not Mary Poppins and you’re certainly not Jesus (neither is Mary Poppins)! 🙂 All it takes is your story! The only person you need to be is you! There is always somebody somewhere who is hurting inside, who is struggling with no one to turn to, who has no support and has no clue how to overcome their obstacles…

But you do because you already have! (I feel like preaching!).

You are so precious to God! You have so much to offer its unbelievable to some people. You have a story to tell with a wonderful outcome! You can say “God got me through that and He can get you through it too”. You can say “I am a product of somebody praying somewhere!”. “If I can survive, so can you”. “If God can rescue me, He can rescue you!”

Jesus chose simple fishermen to be his disciples! They were stinky and dirty. They had been rejected by Rabbi’s to sit under their instruction. They were just rejected sinners who loved God with all their hearts and who were “ready to go”!

Many more examples can be found throughout the new testament. Jesus would heal people or cast demons out of them and when they would praise God and beg to follow Him, They were simply told, “Go and sin no more” and “Go and tell people what I have done for you”! See a pattern? “Go!” Go tell people your story and go tell people about Jesus!! If you don’t know the Word very well… Read it!

That’s all there is to it:
1. Be yourself!
2. Share your story!
3. Give your best to God!
4. Live with a pure heart!
5. Be unstoppable!

You might just change a life for the Kingdom of Christ!!

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