Still uncontrollable

What else do hiccups have in common with people? Some are subtle, some are completely obnoxious and both kinds are completely annoying. Side note: (there are other kinds of people, just no other kind of hiccups 🙂

I’ve had 2 stalkers in my life! One when I lived in Gainesville… that got really scary at one point! And that we want talk about any further… and the other on FB. This one person would lurk around FB very subtly spying on me and would make comments about my comments without directing them directly at me. This is the subtle kind of hiccup. it’s so subtle that no one else would notice so that person seems completely innocent, but extremely annoying to the person being attacked.

Obnoxious hiccups come in many forms… I think we can all think a few right NOW!! 😉 in any case, and believe me, I’m preaching to myself here… We have to figure out a way to separate ourselves from these hiccups while still walking in love. This may mean parking your car somewhere else, using the delete button, or just stopping too much interaction with whoever it is that brings you down. It certainly doesn’t have to be a stalker, it could be someone who causes you to sin in many different ways or somebody who causes fear, depression, or constant frustration and stress to flare up in your life.

I love what our pastor taught a few weeks ago about Jesus being humble. He said, Jesus was humble in a way that He knew how wonderful He was but he never made other people feel like they were “beneath” him. He never put himself down or belittled himself. He also never rolled over and let people take advantage of him or walk all over him. He carried His own cross because He wanted to.

I’ve heard many times people say that Jesus hung around sinners so it’s ok if they do it to. The thing is, that we are all sinners! Jesus was and is the only perfect sinless person ever to walk the Earth. If he didn’t want to hang with sinners, he would have had to stay in Heaven. The difference is, he didn’t “hang” with people who would bring Him down. He remained faithful in His calling until His last breath and when he did “hang with sinners” it was to teach them about God, not to join in on the sin! And yes! There were times that even He had to separate himself from people. He left cities who didn’t want to accept His teachings and He left people to go pray alone. He left his family and only kept close to him a few people during his traveling ministry years. There was even an instance when He healed a little girl and told everyone to leave the room while He performed His miracle. He knew he had to separate himself from unbelief, whispering opinions, and craziness! This is living without hiccups and using wisdom while walking in love!!

3 thoughts on “Still uncontrollable

  1. I never really thought about Jesus removing Himself from the doubters and the negative people in that way. I just know it’s hard for me to be around them – keeps me from being focused. I’m too much like a “sponge” as one of my friends once told me.


    1. Thanks Sue! Me too! @ Chrystal… I am the same way some times. I just had to clean up my FB friends list! I absolutely think deleting is so mean and it was so hard for me to do… But I had to do it so I could rise above the negativity that brings me down!! It’s one more step to helping yourself become the person God wants you to be… Living in His joy, peace, and fulfillment!


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