I am guessing God created hiccups to help shape my character! I remember being a little girl loving the hiccups so much that I would hope to get them! But that changed some time ago… The truth is I now hate the hiccups! I know, I know… Hate is a very strong word, but it’s true. It’s so bad that I prefer people not talk to me while I am suffering from this horrible uncontrollable thing my diaphragm likes to do on occasion. I get grouchy until they pass!

I might suggest that hiccups have helped me in a way. I have learned that there are just some things you absolutely can not control though you may try. I’ve also learned the more you try to control something or someone the worse the situation gets. The lack of success brings on frustration and the feelings of rejection and failure… On both ends!

Other than hiccups, I have learned that I can not control traffic especially in India! I can’t control the fact that every now and then I stub my toe (another pet peeve)! And the two most serious things nobody can control are life and people!… Unless you want to make big mistakes and ruin relationships! Manipulation won’t work, forceful opinions won’t work, not even jumping in and taking over!… Nope! Won’t work!

I’ve had the opportunity to be on both ends and I’ve watched others make the same mistakes. I’ve also watched people not learn from their mistakes and be too prideful to apologize and move on. I’ve watched people who maintain the “fact” that they are always right. They may not say “I’m always right”, but in every argument amazingly… They happen to always be right.

I encourage you all to notice personality patterns in yourself that hinder the healthy growth of relationships. Allow people to live their lives especially a Christian who can hear from God themselves. Give Godly advice backed up with scripture and then allow the other person to make their own final decision. When you feel someone is making a mistake, pray for them and show love. Work on being patient, kind hearted, loving, gentle, and wise in the Word of God. In every circumstance, have faith in God that He can take care of the issue accepting that it is completely out of your control and so are people!

Just think, God gave each of us our very own free will… If He himself is not willing to control us, what right do we have to try to control each other?

“Fine Print” Disclosure: This rule applies to pastors, flocks, moms, dads, children, husbands, wives, other family members, friends, bosses, co workers, etc… đŸ˜‰

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