The Rooster Crows Again

Have you sold Christ for bags of silver?
Have you denied being a Christian in the midst of pressure or adversity? Have you fallen asleep not willing to stay awake and pray? I hate to tell you this, but as a country we all have! (don’t throw stones at your computer)

We complain about prayer being taken out of schools, God being taken out of songs, our president not putting his hand over is heart, our taxes paying for abortion, etc… Yet our country has elected a Muslim president and most Christians are afraid to tell someone else about Jesus! Then, after all that, we are too tired to go to church, too tired to read our bibles, we “talk” to God and we’re sure “he just knows how we are”! Oh my!!! Sounds like laziness to me.

I have two wonderful “karate mom” friends who are Muslim. They both are smart, educated, beautiful, and very sweet!! Muslims live by the old testament, but their “new testament” is the Koran. This book tells them that Mohammad was the last profit to walk the Earth so this is who they worship. (my info came from my Muslim friends). So, why is this religion spreading like wild fire? I’ll tell you…

They are passionate and unashamed to spread the “gospel” of their religion! They don’t care that you stare at them for wearing a burka and keeping themselves completely covered or stopping to pray in the middle of the day! They will tell you the attacks on 911 were by crazy radicals (Christians have those too!). They live their lives with more conviction and honor than anyone else!

From the last and final moments of Jesus’ Pre-crucified life, Christians have felt ashamed to honor their king! Christians still feel this way today! It breaks my heart and I know that I don’t feel half of what our Lord and Savior feels!

This message today is not to put condemnation on you or encourage you… It is written to urge you!! If we would live with the same conviction and passion as others, we would have nothing to complain about!! At least, not as much! Don’t be ashamed of your God and Savior Jesus Christ!!! Who would be ashamed of someone who died for them? Today, this person would be all over the news and known all over the world as our “hero”! Let’s spread the message of Jesus Christ with that same passion!!! He is the ultimate hero so stand up for His name sake!!!

I leave you with the great commission:
Mark 16:15 and then He told them, “Go into all the world and preach the good news to everyone”.

Ok… I actually leave you with this… Remember, you can’t make someone live a Christian life. When Jesus was refused by people in the Bible, he let it go and moved on. So, in your passion be kind, gentle, and loving and don’t take on the rejection yourself! Just move on and keep doing the will of God! Amen?… Amen!!!

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