Who’s got the Word?

1 Corinthians 1:17. Paul is talking here and He doesn’t feel he is called to baptize at the place he is at but, he does feel called to preach. He has a timely word from the Lord. He has clearly had a visitation from the Lord. Here is what the scripture says:

“For Christ did not send me to baptize, but to preach the gospel – not with words of human wisdom, lest the cross of Christ be emptied of its power.”

To find a preacher who knows he is called to preach without a shadow of a doubt is hard to do. They may never admit they have “missed it” or that they have ulterior motives, but you can tell by their revelation in the Word. Some people take leadership positions in a church because it’s a family thing to do, maybe they feel pressure, perhaps they think “I love Jesus, why not?”. Some people may choose ministry thinking its an easy get rich quick idea or because of the honorary title it holds. What I know for sure is that not everybody has a pure heart. If everybody had a pure heart this scripture would not have been places in the bible:
1 Timothy 1:5; this is a letter from Paul to Timothy telling him to avoid preaching false doctrine and he goes on to say this:

“The goal of this command is love, which comes from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith”

Ok Rachel, how can I tell if I am being taught the Word like I should be? I really don’t know it well either. Great question!!! I have heard some say that we are not allowed to question a preacher if we are only a parishioner (a church goer). This is completely false! If that were the case, God would not have given us the Bible to study! He would have given it only to those “higher than us”. Also, the Bible says we will all stand before God and be judged all the same. So, here is the answer…

Matthew 7:15-17 Beware of false profits who come disguised as harmless sheep but are really vicious wolves. You can identify them by their fruit, that is the way they act. Can you pick grapes from thorn bushes or figs from thistles? A good tree produces good fruit and a bad tree produces bad fruit!

What is coming out of the person who is giving you the word? What is coming out of their followers? How do they act towards you and towards other people? Are you learning something new and deep about the walk of and with Jesus? Is your group or facility doing things to further the kingdom of God rather than their own house? Is there scripture to back up what they are saying? Are they loving towards people just as Jesus is, no matter what the circumstance is? Do they tell secrets and spread gossip? Are they boastful in their own actions and speech or do they give all glory to God?

These are just a few questions you can ask yourself. If you find you’re not getting good answers, this is a great time to get in prayer and seek God! Many people get mad at Him in instances like this. The truth is, He is the one you should run to!!! He is your safe haven and He knows everything before we do!! He is faithful and wants the very best for each and everyone of us! Listen to Him and follow His voice! He will never lead you down a wrong path!

If you are getting good answers to those questions… PRAISE GOD!!! Stay where you are as the Lord leads you to. Do the will of the Lord and the work of the great commission which is to “go out into all the world and preach the gospel”. Continue to further the kingdom of God and be blessed in all you do!!!

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