Nashville 3

Saturday morning a group of publishers randomly selected songs out if a pile in the floor and critiqued them. 1 person got a publishing deal with the acceptance from the writer that some lyrics needed to change. It was very cool! Mine was not randomly selected…

Hitsville Publishers

In the afternoon we learned all about getting songs on TV, movies, commercials, etc… From Sarah Gavigan. This was extremely informative and apparently where the big money is.

Sarah Gavigan

Next was a panel of reality TV stars. They expressed that no matter what show you are on It’s all TV! It’s better to come in second place than win because when you win, they own you! With second place you get the same amount of exposure plus the freedom you want in the music industry. Also, no matter what show it is, the producers will make sure there is one in each genre, in each ethnicity, in each gender, an in each size! So… It’s not all about talent, in fact, talent takes a back seat to fulfill all other criteria! To protect these show winners, I will not name names or post a pic! (sorry) 🙂

Later that evening I had dinner with my dear friends, the Tallents at Caraba’s… Yummy! Then I went onto the Bluebird Café where I made some new friends 🙂
We got to witness the most awesome jam session with James Dean Hicks, Jamie Houston, Hugh Prestwood, and new country singer whose first record will be released in July, Joel Crouse! It was pretty awesome… Did I say that already?? 🙂




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