Nashville 2

My time with the publisher was great! I gave her a song that I wrote about 2 years called “Hear Me Now”. She said I should change 1 word in the chorus and either change or take out the bridge in the song!! That’s it! She also encouraged me when she quoted Bruce Springsteen saying he writes 100 songs to get just 10 good ones for each CD he creates! It is a process!!

This morning there was a songwriter who has gone on the road and written with Trace Adkins. He played a song for us that Trace recorded and then opened it up for a little Q&A time. A woman stood up and said, “I know you weren’t born writing “hits”… At what point in the process did you realize this song is a “hit” song?” He replied… “I’ve always written “HITS”, I just needed to get the “S” in the right spot!! It was pretty darn funny I have to say!

Very successful songwriters don’t write hits every time they sit down. Every publisher is only looking for songs that would fit the singers they normally pitch songs to. But, you never give up!! The writing process should be done everyday… If you’re serious! It’s just like anything else, you can’t be lazy and expect to be successful!!

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