Trendy Church 4

Nobody, no matter what position they hold, has any right to make you sign anything, show them proof of income, demand you tithe, ask why you aren’t or when you will!!!

Tithing is a wonderful thing! It can bring a financial breakthrough to your family and obviously bless the church. To tithe or not to tithe is between you and God! The end!!!

He promised in Malachi 3:10 IF you bring your whole tithe (the word tithe means 10%) of your income into the store house He will open up the windows of Heaven and pour out a blessing so much you can not contain it!!!!! That is a huge promise! It is not a demand… But a promise!

Just to recap, a sacrifice is separate from tithes! A sacrifice is something that is hard for you to give up.

Offerings are separate from tithes as well. Offerings are what you give above the first 10%.

For some of you the sacrifice will come with the tithe because that’s something you haven’t been able to release to God before now. For some of you your sacrifice may be disconnecting the satellite to spend more time with God at home and your family.

However things happen for you, I believe that being able to give your tithe shows a surrender to God. I believe when you are able to give up that money you are saying “God, this may be hard at first, but I completely trust you to be faithful to your promises and take care of me.

Lastly, I know many people have many opinions about preachers wearing designer clothes and driving fancy cars! First of all the bible says in Luke 6:41 how can you look at the speck in your friends eye when you have a log in your own? Some times people give pastors fancy vehicles. Some pastors live off the sales of their books and products and don’t take anything from their ministry. Sometimes we need to worry about changing ourselves before we worry about what everybody else is doing. Stop being critical of the way people spend money if you yourself are not tithing and are throwing your money away on material things that eventually will be useless. Yes, i said before that we are to judge other christians with a purpose in mind but following along with scripture, I believe before you are able to do this your own heart better be right with God! You should have a pure heart and clean hands before you begin using your right to judge other Christians.

Having said all that, if you don’t get a good feeling and you have truly prayed about it, don’t give to that particular ministry. Give to the one you believe to be God fearing and honest. Use wisdom and seek the will of God in this area and begin to realize that HE is faithful!!

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