Nashville 1

This is what it’s all about!! I am so excited to be here. I am meeting songwriters and having a great time!

The day started with me signing up to meet with a publisher. I will get one on one time where they will be playing my song on cd and critiquing it right there! God blessed me with a publisher from Brentwood Benson which is a major Christian brand name!

At this point I had breakfast and spilled coffee on my new off white pants 🙂 luckily I use a lot of milk… So you can hardly tell!

Next was a mini concert and Q&A with music legend John Oats! Google him… He’s written and performed for years!!!

Jen Foster; She is an independent artist whose songs have made it on TV… Melrose, Guiding Light, Venice, The Hills, etc… She has an incredible talent. Her voice is soulful! Love it.

Lunch time was breaking bread with a publisher/ songwriter, Bobby Cottle who gave valuable advice!!

Panel Q&A with Brian White & Tony Colton.

Brian White was a youth pastor when he handed some music off to a friend… He toured in the Christian industry for 15 years. He then moved to Country and has been doing that for 10 years. He writes for both genres.

Tony Colton toured with the Beetles! He has written countless hits for both pop and country genres. He is from England and is famous for “going out for a pack of cigarettes and never coming home” (this is when he moved to Tennessee!)

Getting ready to go let the publisher hear my song!!!… More later 🙂

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