Trendy Church 2

Have you ever noticed that some days on the Christian networks is more like watching the food network. I’m not referring to good gourmet dishes. I am referring to them all talking about breakfast the same day or everybody is making spaghetti or everybody is making chocolate on the same day! This is fine for those of us who like to vamp up our recipe box or need to make a new one 😉 haha! But, when it comes to hearing the Word I want a steak and lobster dinner if you know what I mean! The Bible says Faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word. This doesn’t mean I need to keep hearing the same tired message over and over again as if they all got together and decided what the message would be for today. Yes! I said THEY all got together and decided! What has happened to inspiration from the Holy Spirit? What has happened to deep insight about Jesus and His walk here on Earth? Blessingly (instead of luckily) I can honestly say we get a steak and lobster dinner when we go to church at our church. In fact, the preaching is the best part! We learn something new just about every Sunday!

I have been a Christian for as long as I can remember. I was raised in the church, accepted Christ when I was a child and baptized in my Aunt Reba’s pool with Stephanie Barnes one really cold October day when we were about 10 years old. I was the kid who stayed home watching all black and white movies and musicals with her mom instead of going to parties. I was the girl who read her bible every night without fail no matter how late it was! I was the girl who loaded up her car and packed it as tightly as possible with as many teenagers as She could and took them to youth on Wed nights! I’ve heard many sermons in my time 😉 and I want a deeper relationship with God! I want deeper than “he wants you to be debt free, say this confession”, “bind up the devil”, “give seeds to the sower”, etc… You can only hear that message so many times before you want to start wearing ear plugs and perhaps gauge your eyeballs out simply out of frustration. It’s good and true, but we’ve got it!!! Let’s move on!

Having shared simply my opinion so far today, I now want to share something cool we learned at church a few weeks ago…

Have you hear the term “prayer closet”? You know, go spend time with God in your prayer closet. Having been to India I can attest this to be true! Nobody had an actual closet back in the day, most still don’t on that side of the world. Yes! The Bible refers to a prayer closet, but it wasn’t what we think of as a closet! The priests would wear a robe with another layer of cloth that would drape over their shoulders, a cloak. Attached to each corner of their cloak with a blue cord would be a tassel to remind them to keep God’s commands. In prayer, the priests would lift up their arms and bring their arms over their head so the cloak would completely cover them and they would pray. They would make their own personal prayer closet!

Today, the ladies still cover their heads when they pray in India! I was so moved by this act that I felt a conviction to do the same. There was something so very holy and reverent about this simple act. I can say that it was truly a private prayer closet! It brings tears to my eyes even now just thinking about it. I wish America would follow the Bible a little more closely and show more reverence to the Lord. But, most people who say that’s “tradition” or “old law”, we don’t have to do that anymore. Those who preach against religious acts, traditions, etc… Are some of the worst at it! Going through the motions, preaching the same thing over and over again, etc… I can assure you the practice of covering your head in prayer is not old law and it really is a special thing to do! I guess it depends on what is in your heart. Are you doing things “for” God because that’s the way it’s always been done… If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Or are you doing things for God because He is irresistible to you, you can’t live without Him and you have to show Him how you feel some way!!!

Whatever it is that moves you into deep prayer and worship showing reverence to our King, keep it real!!!

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