Trendy Church 1

I have noticed that the trend for a lot of churches used to be preaching about hell fire and bremstone! Now, I see a trend that has come about telling us all to love… Don’t judge! This is what I believe according to what Paul wrote in I Corinthians 5:9-13. I believe there is a time to love and a time to judge with purpose. I believe it is a pastor’s job (with his church elders) to be able to discern by the spirit of God using wisdom if someone should be in leadership in a church. They must not have a bad eye and convince themselves that they shouldn’t judge and the private life of their church staff paid or unpaid workers is off limits for them to know/ talk about. They also must not convince themselves that positions in a church should be filled in some sort of attempt to rehabilitate a believer and keep them from “falling” away by giving them a job to do to keep them in church! I have found no scripture to back something like this up because it is not a solution to a problem. Going to church and working at a church does not give your name a line in the Lambs book of life! A relationship… A Holy relationship with the Father does!! Let me say this, I believe that no one is without sin. However, I do believe that someone who calls him/herself a Christian but engages in habitual sin with no desire to change shows a lack of the fear of God! I believe that if someone is struggling, but truly trying to change this is a great time to sit and soak in the Word and do not work in ministry! How can you pour out of you what is not fully in you? You must be spending daily time with the Father getting filled up and cleaned out to be able to pour out that very same spirit He himself is pouring into you… The Holy Spirit! I said HOLY Spirit! If leadership in a church is not pure at heart, the church will never grow. People will walk in and say “mmm hmm!, I KNOW that person he/she is a hypocrite”. Then, they will walk out and leave. As Christians we ALL are ordained and called to live uprightly. This again is where we are to give God our all… Our very best… Our absolute everything!! This is for God, this is for us, and it is for others so they know they can call on you to pray with them or to help them seek the face of God in their darkest hour! People who we are trying to reach for the kingdom of God must see purity and faithfulness from us as Christians… Or else we blend right in with a sinful people. We have been set apart for the glory of God! NOW… Here are the people absolutely untouchable from a person’s judgement no matter who you are… Unsaved/ sinners! We are NOT to judge somebody for their Sexual sin, their piercings, tattoos, drinking, adultery, murder, etc… If they are not a brother in Christ! These people are the ones that we are supposed to love, inform, cradle when they need it most & show the way! We are to be a beacon to them! We are to go out into all the world and preach the gospel to them. We are to LOVE THEM showing them who Jesus is and the freedom they can have with him… Then we let God do the rest!!! Having said all that, we are to love each other as well and to love each other means we must hold each other accountable as brothers and sister of our faith! And THAT… IS LOVE!!!!

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