Be Still and Know Him

Getting back to the heart of worship!! It has been 1 year today since we started going to our new church (well, it was the last Sunday of the month… Not sure about the exact date). This year has been filled with so many emotions, healing, changing, growing, and large steps for both Clay and me towards things God has promised us! This whole week I have had this unquenched desire to worship God! I mean to really get in a quiet place with My Bible open, my hands raised in surrender just singing songs of Love to Jesus! I had many opportunities to walk in a little strife and much frustration this week! It was a very busy week and what is coming in just 4 days? I leave for my songwriting conference. This will be another large step in the things God has promised me and I will have many opportunities for more open doors and growth in the gift God has place in my heart. I believe that unquenched desire to worship God has been to help me release my frustrations this last week and it is also to pave the road for this coming weekend spiritually! I absolutely don’t know what I would do without the conviction of the Holy Spirit! My encouragement tonight is simply this… Be still and know Him. Listen to Him. Listen to His warnings and listen to Him crying out to you… To cry out to Him! Sometimes He will tell you not to do something or not to say something and this is all to protect you, keep your job, miss getting into a wreck, keep a friendship, save your life, etc… Sometimes He might say to you “worship me” and this may help you get your breakthrough, a breakthrough for someone else you’ve been praying for, your healing, or maybe He is simply telling you that He misses that time with you! Let’s not be too busy for the Father! He is never too busy for us! He deserves every moment, every event, and every part of our lives! So, tonight take an extra 30 minutes before going to sleep, or wake up a few minutes early in the morning and give the Lord a little special time with you!

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