Love in adversity

How in Heaven can we show love even in adversity? Ok. Let’s just say, for kicks and giggles… That after I wrote the nugget on forgiveness everyone dropped down on their knees and prayed! We all prayed for forgiveness and prayed forgiving all those wrongs… Then we prayed for those blessed people who made us so upset, altered our lives, made us angry, hurt us… Or just plain annoy us on a daily basis, praying for blessings to come on their lives! What now?! What happens when you run into them at the grocery store, or see them at work, or bump into them at an unexpected place… Out of town or at the dog grooming place? Don’t you just love these kind of meetings? Better yet, don’t you love working closely on a daily or weekly basis with this person(s)? Unfortunately there is no fun answer to this. But, it is an answer that will in time set you free from one other thing that is hard for us all to let go of… Pride! The answer is to love as Christ loves us! It’s hard to smile and be kind sometimes. We are all a work in progress! But, even still we must love the way Christ loves us! I had a little saying when I was a teenager on a mission trip… It went something like this… “if we can’t show love, we can’t give love”. The meaning to that was if our team of teenaged missionaries couldn’t show love toward one another there was no way we would be able to give love to the sick, hurting, and unsaved people we went to Belize to minister to! We must “buck up” and get over our pride! YES!! It hurts!! Sometimes worse than others! But it really is a temporary pain… A growing pain if you will. The fact is that if we can’t show love to one another as the body of Christ… No matter what has been done against us (after all, we have forgiven them at this point!) there is no way we will ever be able to give love to those who need it most! Love as Christ first loved you!

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