Washing my brain!?

So… I had a hard time getting over something. It wasn’t a forgiveness thing, it was a fear thing. A big saying around the place we left was “you couldn’t pay me to leave the covering of this church”. This coupled with the remark that me stepping down from the band could cause divorce and that I was on a path to destruction… Was scary! Not to mention a man who left the same establishment got cancer and was told it was because he left! WOW!!! It almost makes you want to build an underground shelter and wear a surgical mask and eat only locusts and honey! BUT!! As usual my God got me through it! Again, it took a lot of washing in the Word and in the presence of the Holy Spirit! It took a lot of listening to Him speak to me and a lot of good deep worship time with my King of Kings! You see, to believe that mess is to believe that people are omnipotent and they are in control of your life! I just can’t believe that! I do believe that there is a wonderful thing that comes along with being part of a healthy church body and that great things occur in corporate worship! I also believe that it’s ok to not stay at the same church forever and ever unless God specifically tells you to. But I do not believe in putting so much trust in your pastors that you think you’ll die or be in ruin if you depart from them. God said HE would never leave me! That means HE is always with me. Psalm 91 talks all about His protection and I receive it and pray protection over me and my family everyday… Always have… Always will! The counter part to this is that pastors can’t save you either! Life happens and plenty of “life” things occur everyday. What we do with these life events is up to us. We can choose to fall into the arms of Jesus and be swallowed by His grace and healing power, praying diligently and believing… Or we can live in fear, never “learn” anything, never grow, become stagnant, and forget what our purpose in life is. As I’ve said before and will say probably many more times… Take your terrible situation and turn it into a ministry to bless others! Don’t allow words that have been uttered into your ears alter your mind! Allow God to wash you and set you free! Overall, remember life and death are in the tongue… Don’t speak terrible things over people! That’s not a Jesus kind of thing to do!

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