Washing my heart*

I mentioned in a previous nugget that I cried every time I dawned the doors of our new church… Well, that lasted about a month. I was constantly going over in my mind all week about all that happened and those Sunday mornings were like a washing for me! I would get there and hear the band playing and I would try to sing along with the congregation, but instead I would cry all the while feeling the hands of Jesus holding me up and his arms hugging me tight!! It was an instant beginning of the healing process… Although, it certainly did not feel instant at the time. But never the less, looking back on it all my God was there to purify my heart, to suture the ripped pieces back together and to just simply love on me! I felt his love for me so strongly during this time which is exactly what I needed. He is such a gentleman! He is the perfect “man”. He knows exactly what we need before we know exactly what we need and He provides it for us. There is no end to His mercy! There is no end to His grace! There is no end to his forgiveness! There is no end to His love for me and for you! There is no end to His blessings! I mentioned In a previous nugget that He is not critical of us! He knows all too well exactly who each of us is… Inside and out! The Bible says He even knows the number of hairs on our heads. He formed us in our mother’s womb… And knew us even before then! Its amazing getting to realize the ultimate love of God, the security You and I have in Him alone, and the compassion He has for us… There is absolutely nothing in this world (or otherwise) that can compare to knowing Him!

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