Moving on!

Ok technically my 2 weeks ended yesterday… But now that I have this official blog site I feel strongly that i need to keep going 🙂 I hope you don’t mind!!

So, I want to share something really cool with you! When I was in college (not that long ago bahahaha) I remember one night sitting on my bed reading my Bible. It was another night filled with a meeting from the Holy Spirit! I heard the Lord say to me “one day The Family Church will be your church”. Right then I knew something bad would have to happen for me to leave my then current church! I knew they would never bless me to go on to another church… That would never happen! Skip ahead just a few years 😉 Clay and I were diligently praying about staying where we were. We never wanted to leave mad and we certainly didn’t want to leave if it was out of the Father’s will! I guess you could say we were waiting for a sign of sorts. There at the end of everything Clay and I were taking turns taking Bradley to karate on Wed. Nights so that one of us would always be at the church. Bradley’s class time would only be this way for 2 months, so we figured this was a good solution to a temporary problem. This night in particular The kids and I got home about 30 min before Clay did. He walked in the door and said “we’re done!”. We talked and he told me all about “the final nail in the coffin” so to speak and you would not believe the weight that was lifted! Apparently, instead of waiting on a sign, I was waiting on the head of my household to make the decision! It was liberating. But now what? I never told Clay what the Lord spoke to me years prior! I wanted him to hear from the Holy Spirit… Not me! He had a church in mind that he wanted to try and we also looked up the Family Church online to check it out. Their calendar was full of mission work, the GIC (Global Impact Celebration), and lots of other things too. That sparked our interest. Clay said we should try them first, so we went. The following week we planned to try the other one he had in mind. We drove into the parking lot and We were silent! Clay finally said “what do you think?”. I said “I don’t know… I don’t know”. Clay said the same thing! So we drove down the road and sat at the stop sign for a minute. We turned into a parking lot and sat there for another minute. We went back to the parking lot of the other church and… Drove right back out! We agreed “we weren’t feeling it”! We looked at the clock and Clay said “you wanna go to the Family Church?” at this point I told Clay what the Lord spoke to me all those years earlier and he said… I have felt the same thing but I wanted to make sure you were happy too! We are there! We don’t know if this will be our church until the end of time, but we know we are supposed to be there now and we have seen the Lord move in our lives in countless ways! We learn something new all the time and our children love it there! We Praise God for His faithfulness and because He is SO COOL!!!! His love amazes me everyday!

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