Something I HAD to do!!!

It took me way longer than I really want to admit… Actually, I tried several times! I kept saying “I forgive them God”… “Lord, I forgive them for everything whether they know not what they do.. Or know exactly what they do”. But, after the “stuff” we went through that actually lasted almost a full year, it was extremely hard to do! I was sincere every time! After all, I spent a very significant amount of my time with them and I truly loved them no matter what… Still do! Have you ever been in a situation like this? Hurt by someone(s) you love? Unable to fully release those feelings of disbelief, anger, the “why” of everything, even disgust for thinking things were one way only to find out they were another way, and of course that pesky forgiveness thing we have to do? These are all human emotions, of course but there comes “a point” when you really have to get rid of the mess you’ve been carrying. You have to get to a place where you can look back and say, “thank you Lord for bringing me through”, “thank you for bringing me where I am”, “I am truly blessed for all you have been able to do in me through all of this”. Take what has happened to you and turn it into a ministry! Help others with the same pain! It took me until this past January to fully release them to God! I always judge my forgiveness of other people by this; if I can pray for them in a “God bless them coming in and bless them going out and if they are in error in any way please have mercy and show them and if I am in error in any kind of way, please have mercy and show me as well” kind of prayer… Then I feel I’ve truly forgiven them! I don’t know If this is right. I don’t have a degree in psychology, but never the less, this is what I do! One night in January I was praying with my babies at bedtime and I lifted the people up who had hurt us and I began to thank God for everything that happened and worshiped Him. His presence came on me so strong this night and I felt a complete release! It’s a good feeling! I have to encourage you if you are holding on to anyone/ any situation, get in a place where you can pray hard and begin to worship God intimately, seek His face, feel His presence, and release the mess!! No! It’s not always easy to do! It took me 10 months… Maybe you’ve been holding onto something for 10 years… No matter what it is, forgiveness will set you free! Get into the presence of God, a deep worship, and let it all go!

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