What is this all for?

Nugget No. 13… This last year was a very painful but healing time for me. As I questioned the tornado I had just gone through and cried every time I walked into our new church doors, God continued to touch my heart and clean it out. I began to wonder what this was all for? Why did I have to go through the things I went through? Why did I stay in a place that I found myself constantly defending and questioning for so long? Did I miss God along the way? Was I suppose to leave sooner? I don’t know the answers to these questions even still! What I do know is that I had and still have some really great friendships from there that will last a life time and I am thankful for them!! I know that I had some amazing friends who helped me through my mom dying when I was only 17. I was introduced to a different way of worship there and encouraged to “win souls” for Jesus. I met my husband there. But, I also know that there is a time and a season for everything under the sun and I can’t help but think the writer of Ecclesiastes must have felt some of what i have felt! I know that God began to reveal to me things that we did not agree with and some things that were not nice. I also believe that things had to go down the way they did for God to be able to move us where we needed to be so that He could fulfill His promises to us, through us, and in us! I also learned that God can bless me (and my family) no matter what building I’m in or what continent I’m on!… And that is pretty darn cool if you ask me! He is with me and living in me no matter where I am! I feel His presence no matter where I am! I hear His voice speak to me no matter where I am! He cares about the small things and He has shown his favor on me in more ways than one! Above all else, I will love my God with all my heart! I may make mistakes along the way, but thank God HE himself is not critical of me, He’ll never lead me down “a path of destruction” and He will always love me for who I am! I am always “good enough” for my Father in Heaven! Last but not least, there is no church in the world that “causes” blessings to come on you or that is the “end all be all, best in the whatever area”. We are ALL the body of Christ and should all work together in the Love of Christ to bring about, and to fulfill the business of Jesus Christ!

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