You will never believe IT!!

Nugget No. 12… OMGosh! You have GOT to be kidding me! Nope! I came home from church today with more information than I needed to know about Sue and David!! And let me tell you… I have no idea WHAT our good preacher man had to say this morning! I was too busy watching those two… Well, and you know who!

Oh my!!! If this sounds like you… STOP THE GOSSIP!!! I would love to make a bumper sticker that says “Gossip Kills”! It’s true! Gossip kills churches, gossip kills your relationship with God, and gossip kills your relationship with others! I was part of a “board” of ladies for some time and it was almost worse than high school. Whoever was not at the meeting was the topic of the meeting! I have learned in the last year that I never want to be served on a platter for anybody to feast on ever again! Nor do I want to put anybody on the feasting platter! Gossip hurts! Gossip causes us to loose friendships and gossip keeps a church from growing! Gossip can also cause a church to die… If not in membership, definitely in spirit! Let’s all take one day at a time this week and goal ourselves to love as Christ loves us! Let’s goal ourselves to… Shhh!! Have a blessed gossip free week! ❤

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