Whose to blame?

Nugget No. 11… Whose To Blame? No matter what is going on in your life and no matter how people try to discourage you and even step in the way of your goals and dreams… Whose to blame?  We found out 6 years ago that someone called our former church and asked for me to lead worship at a ladies meeting they were having… That pastor was told by one of my pastors’ this; “quit trying to steal my …worship leader and go grow your own!”  We did nothing about this!  We said nothing about it!  We simply allowed it to happen by not doing anything about it!  We went on about our regular business and pretended not to know… For 5 more years!  So, who’s to blame??  I am completely to blame!  The encouragement for you today, the thing I learned over this last year is this;  Don’t ever let anybody stop you from your calling or from obtaining your goals and dreams.  It doesn’t matter who they are. Unfortunately people can either be very selfish or can sincerely be well meaning, but they may not be using wisdom. you don’t belong to anybody but your Father in Heaven!!!  If there is something that He has placed in your heart, go out and get it!  If He has placed something in your heart it’s a done deal!!  The way is already paved for you…  All YOU have to do… is what HE says to do!

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