Conviction from God?

Nugget No. 10… During our journey this last year I found myself having a really hard time with conviction. It was hard for me to realize whether any conviction I was feeling was actually from the Holy Spirit or from years of opinions stuck in my head. It’s a terrible feeling. In fact, it’s one reason I started writing these nuggets. This is our journey and I’m writing about things God has had to… clean out of us over this last year. I’m sharing our experiences because I know we are not the only ones out there. Other people all over the United States have had similar experiences and have had no support. They have even lost friends and have felt they were walking their journey all alone.  While there were good things that happened over the years, at the end, the bad seemed to outweigh any good there was. When you get to a place in your life where you feel controlled by other peoples opinions and you’re constantly finding yourself worried about what certain people would think about you, what you’re wearing, what you’re drinking, what you’re saying etc… It’s very scary. You are being controlled by fear. I will not be controlled by fear ever again!  I now know the difference between the voice of people and the voice of the Holy Spirit!  It’s a great feeling to be free!  I don’t need a group of followers to agree with me or pet my ego  and if what I have to say only helps one person, it’s worth every typed letter.  No matter what I loose, I will never pay the price Jesus has paid for me!  I will never again conform to someone else’s opinions or wants when it comes to living the life Christ has laid out for me. I will never again put my calling on hold for a life someone else has planned for me.  I thank God for a supportive husband who seemed to not ever waiver through it all. God has truly blessed me and I am thankful for every second of this journey!!!!…

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