God’s love for me and you.

Nugget No. 9… One of the first sermons we heard at our new church was about different forms of worship. Our pastor said, there are churches down the street right now where people are swinging from the chandeliers, another church may be swinging enscents down the isles, another may be sitting in silence for an hour before getting up and going home. There are many different ways to worship the Lor…d and none of them are wrong. He said, we are a mission minded church and not everybody would enjoy our services and that’s ok too. You can find God in each of these churches, and the main thing is that you find the home church you feel fits your needs the best. He has even announced several times that if our church isn’t what you are looking for, he has a list of really great churches with really great pastors that he can give you information about. This man’s heart is completely sold out to winning people for Christ and not growing his own church. Clay and I have always felt that this is the way things should be. Despite our pastor offering information regarding other churches, we continue to grow. People feel loved, welcomed, and fed spiritually. There is no pressure to stay or to do certain jobs you really don’t want to do. But, there is a job for anybody who wants one. We love this new form of church going… At least it is still new to us.  We have made many friends over the last year and they all seem to have the same heart. We haven’t heard anybody gossip about anybody else, we haven’t been snubbed if we said no to doing a job and what impresses us the most is that the heart of these people is pure and hungry to do the work of the Lord, no matter the cost!  Praise God for sending us where we are! ♥

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