Still blushing! Oh my!

Nugget No. 8… This is a continuation from yesterday. My Sis replied to it and said that we aren’t perfect, we are forgiven!  Absolutely!!  God knows I have my fair share of things to work on!  But, I’m not talking about making mistakes here and there and then repenting from conviction!   I’m talking about habitual sin that you are not able to give up for the name of Jesus.  I’ve noticed that som…e Christians like to pick which scriptures they want to live by.  In Genesis, God spoke and He said, in a nut shell, “I am the Word”.  Then, in Revelations, the Bible tells us not to take away or add to this Word. That means we have to live completely by the Word of God!  We are not aloud to throw out a scripture that steps on our toes. We are not aloud to twist the scriptures to make them more friendly to our lifestyles. The truth is very simple. Giving up sin is very hard to do!  But, God knows your heart and if you are truly ready to change and repent, God will certainly be patient with you and help you along the way!  He can even take the desire away from you if you ask and believe!   Remember, to repent means to admit you are wrong, say you’re sorry, and stop doing that wrong thing!  Be the very best for God that you can possibly be!  After all, he gave His very best to hang on a tree!!  ♥

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